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Fall Conference 2020 - Covid 19 Topics is a Course

Fall Conference 2020 - Covid 19 Topics

Jan 29 - Jul 1, 2021
2.0 credits

$40 Enroll

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2 sessions recorded at Fall Conference including The Unexplained and the Unknown, Covid-19 with Dr. Burke Healey, and Under the Microscope, Keeping up with the SARS-CoV2 Sciences with Dr. Jennifer Rudd. 

In Module 1, the students will explore the following learning objectives - Understanding the role of Veterinarians in an unfolding, ongoing pandemic regarding animal production, particularly the swine slaughter backlog in April 2020; summarize and reflect on learned lessons from the 2014-2015 High Path Avian Influenza outbreak to the 2020 Outbreak in NC/SC; learn about the role and signficance of innovation in American Agriculture.

Module 2, Under the Microscope, examines seven learning objectives, including differeniatiating reliable vs. unreliable scientific news and information sources; describe the positive impacts and limitations of mask wearing, distancing and other public helath measures in relation to Covid-19 as applicable in a practice setting; explain the data supporting droplet and aeroslized routes of transmission; discuss current treatment options; explain basic processes of vaccine development; provide up-to-date client communication regarding Zoonotic potential; and understanding science is a process that is made clearer over time, and sometimes we need to advise based on the most reliable data available.

Please note the course includes dated material.  The circumstances surrounding COVID-19 are rapidly changing and evolving.  Please verify any content viewed at a later date and keep in mind that things may have changed since the original recording.

Time Requirments

  • 2 hours total. 
  • This course has two modules which can be completed at your own pace. 

Teaching Method

  • This is an asynchronous, self-paced, course. You will watch videos, engage in learning activities, and take quizzes.  

Completing the Course 

  • To complete the course, you must access all pages and earn 80% on the Assessments.
  • Once you have completed the course, you can print a certificate of completion. 

This course was created from a zoom webinar.  Contains dated content.

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